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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is this Frostbiting?

Bad news was that the wind strength averaged out to 4 knots in the overcast day. The good news was that the sea was flat: we could get way on. Not enough, so that we were playing catch up all day. Three boat lengths from the weather mark, we were in 20th place in the 20-boat fleet. But we rounded the weather mark in 18th place: two boats failed to fetch it in the current. It was one of those situations where you are smirking with Schadenfreude as you watch the struggles of those in front of you but sober up as it comes to your turn to round the mark. With Trophy Wife down with a cold, Bubbles was helmswoman for the day. Happily for us, she had ice water in her veins and we had a good 24 inches to spare. On the last weather leg we passed a 4th boat and finished 16th. Everyone had something to do and everyone had a good time. Except for me: I forgot to pay my wind tax.

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  1. Being marooned a couple of hundred miles inland away from the ocean I am left only with what I call a "glorified mudpuddle" for a body of water to refresh my soul. Its actually quite large, enough to have some nice sized sailboats cruising on it, but for me there is something dirty about the feel of fresh water on my skin. Which is curious since I have heard many of the locals say the samething about salt water.

    But anyway, I recently learned the local community college teaches a class on basic sailing on that lake and witrh any luck I will be attending it soon. Never thought I would have any use for that lake.