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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Lido 50th Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated my MD Son's (oldest) 50th birthday. It was an all day and overnight event featuring a 10K bike ride, a Lido 14 boat race inside Long Beach's break water and a spectacular party. MD Son has his own Lido and arranged for five others so his three brothers and additional friends could race with him. Thankfully, Trophy Wife and I arrived too late for the bike ride, just in time to catch the fleet's return on film. . . . .

. . . and in plenty of time for a spectacular party (Lots of beautiful people)!

But the point of all of this is that Lido's are an instrumental part of my family's history. We didn't understand the importance of the event at the time, but it was kinda Trophy Wife's and my first date: a day sail, something like 44+ years ago, in Newport Beach. MD Son and TW's son were aboard.

Life is like that. In living everyday, we are not aware of epic, iconic moments until much later.


  1. Too bad you weren't able to deal yourself into some of that Lido action, eh?

  2. Spending some time in those Lidos may have rejuvenated you some.

  3. Happy 50th to your son. That's more Lido 14s than I've seen in decades! Beautiful sight.

  4. Lido 14 #940 looks exactly like #446 that I used to sail back in the day. And I spent many hours on Summer days sailing around Santa Barbara harbor with my brother or my dad, or alone, in that Lido 14 and later in a Schock built Snipe. Thanks for the memories. :)

    1. Panda, the last time TW and I were in a Lido was for informal Friday evening racing about a dozen years ago, just outside the harbor entrance. Then I felt like I was inside a soapy-slippery bath tub. Couldn't find my legs. I felt needed non-skid all over the interior. That memory prevented us from rushing down last Friday to my son's YC in time to get on a boat. Even though his competition was inside the breakwater, there was plenty of bailing involved in the day's racing. I am sorry I couldn't catch a ride on a Whaler so I could see it though!

    2. Did you all go to your local version of Mama's Kitchen afterward?