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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sailing With Bob

Wind came up to 15 knots just as people were getting to the harbor. I was happy to be among them as guest skipper on Bob Marley's boat.

As I have said before, this C&C is too complicated and physical for this old sailor. So I was just looking for something solid to hold on to for an hour or so.
Nothing like a wheel, hey?

Got a reasonable good start with 110 up. Fourth around the weather mark and we were holding our own down the next leg. The lads popped Bob Marley out of the sock and things got exciting. At the pin, Bob took over on the gibe. Marley blew off the topping lift to his pole and took our C&C way off course, sort of DDW. By the time Bob was put to bed, back in his sock, we were able to round the leeward mark in front of the second half of the fleet.

All I can say was it was fun going to weather. If we had gone with the 150 for the whole race, we must have done better. Don't have any idea how we corrected out. The marine layer rolled in as the racing ended and it got cold. My legs were cramped totally. I slammed some brewskies while we recovered the topping lift. Couldn't last long enough in the bar until the results were posted.


  1. A couple of notes:

    Racing was tight in other classes. Collisions with damage and retirement(s) in the 105's. Three of the four boats in A class were over early. And the J-70's made their appearance in your class. They will soon be given their own start, maybe simultaneously with the Melges. Finally, you guys finally beat a couple of boats!

  2. I copied and pasted your post in Google Translate and selected the 'Detect Language' button. Doesn't seem to be working because there was no sailing language option. Hope you had a good day !!