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Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Full Monty

There's no need to explain the title, except to say there's no baring of one's ass involved in this race.

Today was 6th running of a Race which I conceived and for which Trophy Wife and I commissioned a trophy . It's a 16.5 nm race. 95% of the times it's a windward-leeward up & down the coast race. Usually, it's a light wind nightmare for Das Boot. The miraculous year we won it and our own trophy, it was a building leeward-windward race.

This year, it reverted to form.  Unfortunately the Race Committee did not put much credence in the forecast of light wind (7 knots max) nor did it heed my recommendation to shorten the course at the start. Consequently, 13 boats soon disappeared from each other in the gloaming.

Without Das Boot, I stationed myself midway up the course overlooking Hendrys Beach, where the turnaround would have  been for the shortened course. Instead of seeing the entire fleet as I anticipated, I could make out only four or five boats.

LOA figured large. The J-145 ultimately finished 1st and an hour or so lbefore the Beneteau 40.7. An hour later (it seemed) some J-70's finished. The remainder of the fleet was semi-visible on the horizon.

Many times the Race Committee abandoned their post in favor of the bar and the Masters Golf on teevee.

With the prospect that some boats would not finish by sundown, Doberwoman and I finally abandoned our vigil in favor of the Dodger game taped at home. This was a good race to have ducked.

I have the contented feeling of a victory. Of sorts.


  1. Were it not for the Masters, the day would have been a real loser for the RC. At least they were warm, not like the rest of us.

  2. You left out how everyone expected the wind to be up today. Which it is! Also, that the Dodgers were deader than the boats yesterday.

  3. I hope next time may the best man win. As far as i know when i was on tour of san blas and panama met with a racer he told some key points like learn to manoeuvre at slow speed, using sails and body weight, practice holding the boat on station in semi-stalled mode etc...