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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Extreme Sports


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    1. Yes. There is a fine line between extreme sports and stunts. I sense that a distinction has to do with a degree of monetary & media-infused spectacles involved. Like Tillerman observed below.

  2. The Germans have cancelled their participation in the September youth event in San Francisco. This Youth America’s Cup is contested on the smaller AC45 cats that also are sailed in the America’s Cup World Series, but even these smaller boats are racing machines that can be difficult to tame.

  3. Too much money and too much testosterone are a fatal combination.

  4. Not my idea of a good time these days, though I confess that as a teen I had a very different threshold - rock climbing by a tall waterfall without protective gear or ropes for example. But since those days I've lost an awful lot of friends (mostly to car crashes, some to plane crashes, and others to just plain stupid behaviors). Perhaps it's a learning curve, or perhaps it is natural to become more cautious as one approaches event horizon of death. OTOH, I know some folk who are adrenaline junkies on into old age. "He died doing what he loved to do" is not the epitaph I want. "In his sleep" is more my style. :)

    1. Your style is my style. But. . . .

      David, a man 10 years younger than I and one who had touched hundreds of people with his heart and mind, died at his wheel a couple of boat lengths behind ours. Every one of his friends felt so cheated that he had passed from us so unexpectedly. He was not finished with us and we were not finished with him. But he cheated the nursing home (Tillerman). He died doing what he loved. His last words were, "What a beautiful day this is!"

      He did not majorly inconvenience his crew that day. No one was put at risk returning his boat to its slip a few down from ours. David was a teacher, even after his short retirement. I am still sorting out what lessons I learned from him.

    2. You would have loved his Dixieland band.

  5. RIP David.

    Doc, I don't know how your friend met his fate. Namuamidabutsu.

    If it was at the helm during a not so stressful race, then that would suit me fine. I was referring to the extreme sports which were the topic of this post - a very different thing I think.

    Who wouldn't love a Dixieland band?

  6. The Review Committee recommends this year's America's Cup be limited to winds below 24 knots.

    The AC event used to represent the pinnacle of sailing. Not any more. Not to me. Das Boot can race in winds up to 30 without reefing. There shouldn't have to be any body armour, hands-free breathing apparatus and high visibility helmets in racing sailboats. AC racing is no longer about seamanship but about stunt boating.