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Sunday, May 19, 2013

This One's Over!

Nine months ago, I conjured into being the S.B. Attitude football club. Actually I drafted it from the active pool of English Premier League footballers. SB Attitude was one of seven teams comprising the No-Clones Rolling on the Floor Laughing (NC ROFL) rotisserie or fantasy league. 'No-Clones' means that if one fantasy manager claims a player, no other manager can have the same player until/unless he is released.

Last August, I thought I had a winner. But isn't it that every season or yacht race starts optimistically off that way? "Expect to Win" is one of my crew's favorite expressions.

My roster today, displayed to the right, hardly resembled my initial line-up last August. Between the first game and the 38th game played today, I made 40 transactions. I drafted and released players based upon performances, injuries, suspensions, salaries, and whether or not they were in favor or out of favor with their real-world managers. I was informed of these changing variables by scouring the English media on the Internet late (very) on Friday nights or early (very) Saturday mornings.

I don't really have a lot to show for being sleepless in S.B. The winning team, Crown City United averaged 55 points a game, five more than my S.B. Attitude's average. Worse than that, two fantasy managers had resigned from their teams before the first half of the season was up. (DNF's!) So their franchises stumbled on in autohelm/cruise control mode. So I actually finished in fifth and last place among the active managers, by four points. [Click to expand!]

But I'm glad it's all over. For one thing, I can get more sleep going into the weekends. And all I can say, is wait until next year!


  1. Chill! You're doing better than the Dodgers!

    1. As was predictable, I have come down with a reoccurence of EPLWS. What's left? Cheering on the Dodgers?

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