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Sunday, May 5, 2013

No Sea for Old Men

I felt pretty sheepish, getting on the phone at 9:00 A.M. this morning to call six members of my freshly cobbled together 2013 crew. Everyone was looking forward to this scenic 11nm race. And it promised to be the first time I had them all together. But I had to tell my team that Das Boot would not sail today.

The downside of it was the forecast of 26 knot winds with gusts over 30. I wasn't comfortable committing all of them to that length of a race. Secondly, in those weather conditions having eight aboard is too many. We don't fly the spinnaker in those winds, and I'm better off with five or less: they can all ride in the cockpit without being crowded. I didn't want to tell anyone I didn't want them to be on board. As a matter of fact, I didn't really want to be on board myself. I would rather watch the Giants sweep the Dodgers with another walk-off home run than get that cold & wet for that long.

Last year, 14 boats raced. Out of curiosity I had to go down a few hours ago to the scene of the crime. I just saw about six or seven starters for today's event. Out of safety concerns, the race committee had modified the course to run closer along the coast. That's opposed to circumnavigating one of the oil islands, much more off-shore.

Would I have gone had I been forewarned about the course change? Probably not. I could have complained that more of us would have turned out had we been aware of the alternative course. But I think that would be without merit: if racers are brave enough, stupid enough, young enough to commit themselves to an oil island race in these conditions, they are welcome and entitled to a little luck. Even if that luck comes out of the rare milk of human kindness from a race committee.

All I was trying to do this morning at 0900hrs, was to make a decision I wouldn't regret.


  1. Depression is the better part of pallor.

  2. No team can lose three consecutive games on walk-off homers. L.A. will win tonight.

    1. Dodgers lost again. But at least they seem to be trying to win. They recalled Dee Gordon. That was over due. Now if they just call up a fourth outfielder like Yasiel Puig, they'll convince me. Kemp needs a pair of glasses or a rest.

  3. Six starters. Five finishers. Everyone had a good time. Except a J-70 which lost her port stay. You missed a great race. Shame on you.