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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One Mistake Will Get You 4th Place

Got this boo-boo out of the way early. Tried a late barge on the starboard pin. I was too early and I was caught short by the Ranger-33. In the 19 knots of wind the spin gybe was quick if not embarrassing. We followed the Ranger inside at the beach, along with the small yellow boat. It paid off. We were fifth around the weather pin, fourth around the reaching pin, and 3rd around the leeward pin. We corrected out to a 4th out of 15 boats.

Crew prepared and executed well. Flawlessly. New roles are emerging. It's gratifying. Time to order shirts!

Going out to the start line tonight, we knew we were going to be confronted with the cruise ship Crown Princess as a complication to navigating our assigned race course.
What we didn't expect was a full-bodied surfacing of a whale (which we named Full Monty) less than two boat lengths away. Took us completely by surprise so there is no photographic evidence. Thank goodness Full Monty moved off-venue before the races and the Crown Princess waited until after the race to leave! Otherwise . . .


  1. I didn't bother to check. How did we do?

  2. You've probably checked by now but you finished worse than we did, boat for boat and better than we on corrected time.

    1. We did not fly a chute which for this race length and wind conditions was the right call. We would have lost time with the best possible set and drop. We might have gone faster but we were doing 7.6 knots with the number 3 on a boat that does not surf. Our speed increase therefore was strictly limited. Sometimes slower is faster.

    2. SJ, best we attained with a chute up was 8.5. The only thing I can think of to go faster is to buy crew shirts. Sometimes, slower is cheaper.