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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

At Least the Beer Was Cool!

Yes, unbelievably hot.

Thank God there were no fires! (Fingers crossed.)

And thank God today's beer can race was not a drifter: 12-15 knots wall-to-wall. Once we were out of the harbor there was some relief from sweltering temperatures.

Skipper was late to the line. Miscalculated. But the breeze was from off the beach. After a couple of early tacks we found ourselves behind the Ranger-33 (situation normal!). We barrelled right through the Sargasso Sea of Kelp, almost directly on to a lay line for the weather mark. 5th around, we lost a place and then gained it back by the reaching mark. Finished 7th out of 14 starters.

Exciting and quick sailing, with wind from a novel quarter. Neat.


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