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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Two or Three Mistakes Will Get You 6th Place

Our new crew is on pace to attain critical mass. The only problem is skipper error.

The old skipper is missing on a few details. Granted, when it's blowing 18-23 knots and several fleets are racing, his eyes should be on steering through traffic. Things happen quickly when the wind is 'fresh'.

In calmer situations, the old skipper will afford himself time to direct that the traveler will be pre-trimmed for the start so Das Boot will not start in de-powered mode. Also, that the grinding in of the mainsheet will commence before rounding the leeward mark.

Not executing these preparations results in painful de-acceleration for Das Boot. Had Trophy Wife been aboard, these sins of omission would not have been committed.

As a result we only beat half of what little of our Fleet that showed tonight. Exciting competition and exhilarating sail, nevertheless!