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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Goes Out Like a Whimpering Lamb

Weather was as predicted, unfortunately. Dead-on a 8 knots. Once I saw 10 knots. Port start on port end was highly favored. I argued for it, but Trophy Wife vetoed it. For good reason: with a 1-cylinder breeze in a fleet of 15 hulls, Das Boot's displacement would have made her a sitting duck. Or worse!

Nevertheless I got a creditable start down the line, tacked to port. At low tide, in addition to low wind, I didn't want to venture in to the beach. We tacked up the course and rounded K-Mark well behind most of the lighter boats. My son, (having taken off from work and having driven for a couple of hours,) was a last minute guest-skipper. He drove for the last two legs.

That's what really made our day.


  1. Replies
    1. I saw that. Surprising. Thought you said you like light air?

    2. My crew were not ready for light air. I decided at the dock we were losers so did not fly my light air genoa or any chute. Perhaps if they had hauled the headsail all the way up it might have flown better. WE ran totally out of wind 100 yards from the finish line and started going backwards. my foredeck is leaving for San Diego and his true personality came out in this race. The atmosphere on the boat was toxic so I just wanted rid of him. DNF only cost me one point - 16 instead of 15. know where I can find foredeck that knows how to fly sails? I wanna cry.

    3. Never cry over spilt milk! It could have been worse. Like spilled beer.

  2. Your port tack start worked out well for us!

    1. Yes! You were not one of the prime suspects I expected to see trying it. But you pulled it off right in front of us. The port tackers made that evening's start exciting. The only excitement and drama for us, in fact. Because, the wind being what it was, we knew we were eventually going to take it in the shorts in the end, no matter what we did. Congratulations!