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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Race

A near-perfect day. 17 -22 knots, steady. A 6-nautical mile, windward-leeward pursuit race (our favorite). Missing only one of the hard core crew.

Hit the line at full speed less than 10 seconds late. Elected to take Kelp Island to port, even though the tide was out. After navigating the straits, we found our selves in intense tacking duels, close crossings. All that good stuff.

After rounding the weather mark and getting the chute up, we relaxed and looked around. Only a well-sailed Catalina-34 was ahead of us. But they were well-ahead.

Cameras appeared. Beers were popped, and I left the helm to grab one (or two). 

In the end, we closed on the Catalina and made a race out of it. But this one got away. The Kid, who trimmed our spinnaker, collected a 2nd place glass.

Out of 20 boats? Near-perfect.