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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Any Day on the Water Beats the Best Day on Land

Someone asked me if we were really going to race tonight, rain being the forecast. My response was there was no rain in tennis or baseball, but yachts race rain or shine.

No rain materialized.

Neither did much wind, which stayed in the single digits for 90% of the race. Only once the sails were being covered and we were powering up the harbor did we get 22 knots apparent. That was the kind of day it was. Gave the wheel over to MVP for some light airs up wind and we had fun gybing down the leeward leg, looking for the dark water & passing boats. Flawless sail handling all around. We are grateful to have corrected out to 10th out of 14 boats in these conditions. We had a blast!


  1. The last four words are the most important ones.

  2. What Baydog said.
    Really nice panorama picture.

  3. I've been thinking a lot about my two axioms: (1) how any bad day on the water beats the best day on land and (2) that any day you can sail, not matter how briefly, lengthens your life by two days.

    Today, I sent out a series of emails, trying to get a position on a H-20. They're having a two-day one-design regatta this weekend. I emailed all of the boats who hadn't registered by this morning. I asked if they knew "anyone who could use an old geezer to crew for them"? No responses. Maybe there was something wrong with my approach? Maybe I was implying that I thought their boats were so tame as to accommodate old geezers? I don't think that was my thinking. Maybe the thought to sail OPB came to me too late, at the last minute, that sort of thing.

    Maybe I'll have to content myself with doing race committee for them. Old geezers can always do that much, can't they?