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Saturday, July 21, 2012

On Other Peoples' Power Boats (OPPB)

In the past two weeks, I took an opportunity to comment in A Proper Course on my anti-power boat bias. I wrote, in part:
. . . . My POV comes from the Metaphysics of Value, something I first ran across in Robert Pirsig's sailing Saga, Lila. (A valuable read) many decades ago. IMHO, the use of motorized craft in recreational waters for recreational purposes adds very little value to the dynamics of the universe. Actually motorized craft have only four valuable functions in recreational waters: (1) to tow racing sail boats to a start line when necessary, (2) to tow racing sailboats back to their berths after a race when necessary, (3) to rescue sailors when they can't rescue themselves and (4) fishing [Bassboats]. Speedboating, waterskiing, and jetskiing do not add value to the cosmos because they are artless pursuits which consume non-renewable resources and disturb the tranquility of the waters enjoyed by the rest of us. . . .
I was short-sighted. There are two other quality uses for power boats (5) to set marks and start/finish lines for sailor's races and (6) carry the media around to take sub-quality photos of competitors.
Failing to get a position on either a competing boat today or even on the RC, I went out in a friend's Chris-Craft with two professional Photographers and their bags of professional equipment.

Now, I have to disclose that my camera is cheap, and damaged by salt and sand, and that my old legs are too old to be able to stand on a rocking runabout to properly frame my shots. So that shots that follow are substandard.

Had I been in a proper yacht, stabilized with a keel and sails, these would have been much better!


  1. The boat in that last photo is a proper motoryacht.

    1. I was in a hurry last night. Left that in by mistake. But now, that you commented upon this wreck, I have to leave up.

  2. As to the quality of photography that the Chrisscraft delivered, why don't we wait on the professional photogs' product before we decide?

    1. Okay, okay. Truth be out. I was able to catch a ride on a Harbor-20 for the 2nd day of racing in the Fiesta Cup. (It was a kick!) But I was so busy, I was only able to get one photo shot. As to its quality? It was, er, not up to a standard that was presentable in these pages.