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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Still Can't Beat that Ranger-33!

A Good-Enough Summer Afternoon

Perfect would have been correcting out first out of 22 boats. More perfect would have been first across the line. But I will settle for 2nd in corrected time. With Mastman back from Czech Republic and Germany, we had our perfect crew back. And they worked the boat perfectly.

Only problem was my conservative start in 18 knots, and the fact that we couldn't beat the Ranger-33 on windward legs.

Our only hope is when they fly their spinnaker and they screw it up so much on the gybes that we can stretch out a sufficient lead off-wind.

Only then we can accommodate their greater speed to weather. Unfortunately, they have learned that they can bag us whenever they're shorthanded and don't hoist their chute.

Maybe I should try to recruit a foredeck for them.


  1. These old coots have had their boat longer than you have had yours. Maybe you just have to out-last them. Hang in there another decade.

  2. Replies
    1. All credit goes to the boat & crew. I didn't do anything except sit on the transom. I might as well as been in my Prius.

    2. Prius? In the sense no one can tell when the engine's running?

    3. Exactly what are you insinuating????!!!