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Sunday, September 9, 2012

And Now Time for Something Somewhat Different

For one thing, the Guided missile destroyer USS Halsey was in port, anchored right in the middle of our inshore around-the-buoys race course. A novel 500 ft obstacle. Plus, if you count the anchor line. Every 45 minutes a shore boat would off-load a bunch of civilians for a tour of the ship. Unlike visiting air craft carriers, which mark off the perimeter unauthorized navigation surrounding the anchored ship with patrol boats, the Halsey crew appeared to be relaxed. So those of us racing on Das Boot theorized that  we could cut it as close as possible on the windward side for maximal advantage.

The local press had summarized the armament aboard as including 5-inch 64-caliber gun on the front deck and the Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) on the back deck which fires 3,000 to 4,500 rounds per minute. Why wouldn't they be relaxed? OTOH, I wondered out loud, what would be a more perfect cover for al Qaeda than a local regatta?

Which is what we had today: the annual Charity Regatta raises $$$ in six digits every year. Donors are invited aboard spectator boats and racing yachts. This year, Das Boot hosted a CHP officer and his 16-year old son. The weather was perfect and the winds were adequate, somewhat, to all us to squeeze through the straits between kelp and shore. A-Team was fully assembled and sail-handling flawless. Our two visitors were awarded prizes for Das Boot's 3rd place (out of 18 boats) which included shirts and a large tote bag!

A fun but exhausting day.


  1. "those of us racing on Das Boot theorized that we could cut it as close as possible on the windward side"

    Umm - remember the Cole?... Hopefully you're not taken to be a threat. :) Personally, I keep my distance from ships of war.

    1. Good point, Panda. But I'm sure some boats had USN officers on board. We considered them to be escorts for the rest of the Fleet!