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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On her 75th Birthday, She Sails into 3rd place?

Out of 15 boats?

There's got to be a story behind this.

It starts with the fact that the skies were overcast with the hint of rain. As is the case in these conditions, rare on the Central Coast in the summer, wind and water is likely to be fairly flat. Tonight it was instable. Wind on the water looked like a crazy quilt or a chess board. Winds varied from 6 knots to 15.

After an abysmal start, I handed the helm over to our Light Wind Specialist. Trophy Wife applied all the wisdom and instincts she acquired in her vast experience as a lake sailor. Das Boot was skillfully and timely routed away from the light waters and into the dark water squares.

Thus, was a 3rd place finish snatched from the jaws of DFL!


  1. The thing was you had to react to wind conditions a little quicker than the other guys did. That was the main thing. It was fun to sail in it, only because it was so shifty and you had to keep your head outside of the boat and look at what was coming. The strategy was to take was just to keep the boat heading toward the next mark, or toward the pressure. Darker water - we would head toward that as long as it was toward the next mark.