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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Overcast & Windy & Warm!

16-19 knots steady with a modest roll.  The lads were working on jerry-rigging the telescoping jib boom which had collapsed on us. Finally we were set with less than a minute to start. I had luffed over toward the beach to get out of traffic and somewhat out of the chop for the repairs to be facilitated. I had prepared myself to return to the slip or sail without the jib. But finally, we were raring to go and we reached off to the pin with less than 20 seconds to go and hit the line in clear air at hull speed. Not that bad start! We had all the freedom to tack off to port and took it when we felt it was optimal. Tacked up through the beach-kelp straits, virtually all by ourselves. Actually, there was one boat which we shafted with a lee bow. After rounding to weather we were 4th in the parade and corrected out to 3rd. Spinnaker Man provided champagne as we celebrated in the slip. What a team we have! I love this crew! I just frickin' wish I had a working camera!

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  1. Any day on the water beats staying ashore and watching the Dodgers or listening to Mitt Romney.