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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Too Much Good Stuff!!

The wind: it has been too good to last. Sunday morning promised another warm & windy day. Driving down to the harbor was disquieting, however. While the water was not exactly flat, it appeared subdued. But we were optimistic having invested two hours on Saturday re-adjusting our telescoping jib boom to where we could get a reasonable outhaul. And we were seven aboard (ideal) despite the absence of Mainsheet Trimmer who was sailing his own boat.

The wind was southerly and soft. RC called for a course which would have been a windward-leeward if the winds had been normally more westerly. But we liked their selection because it promised an easy shortening, although it is awkward to shorten pursuit races. We liked it for another reason: It was a reach-reach course. Actually, Das Boot was able to complete the 3-legged course with only one tack and 1½ spinnaker reaches. In 2-6 knots we were doing surprisingly well, hoping for a glass even. Just 100 yards short of the line, however, the wind spigot shut off considerably and we lost two or three boats. We finished 10th out of 16 boats - what we deserve for complaining of always finishing 3rd!


  1. Guy on my boat suggested carrying chute on all three legs. But the challenge on the second reach was really to stay high enough so as not to have to tack once. Those who failed to fetch had to tack two times, which was fatal in Sunday's conditions.

  2. I forgot to mention that just as we were finishing, Mainsheet Trimmer motored by in his proper sailing yacht to say 'hi' and his crew took some pictures! Relieved the stress, totally!