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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crew Letter

Hey Team!

The most important news is that we will not be sailing the make-up race on December 9th. This has been an agonizing decision for me, because I hate to pass up an event whenever the stars are in alignment. But in this case, they are in slight misalignment. Holidays are upon us, and a critical mass of our elite crew is already into celebrations. Additionally, this is a make-up for a race we never intended to sail whenever it was originally (miss-) scheduled. A one-way trip to Goleta Beach Pier? Thirdly, we are not in contention for the fleet's High-Point Trophy for 2012. Finally, in 2012 we have already had too much good stuff (AM/PM!) to spoil it with a lack-luster finish.

The best part of this year is that Trophy Wife and I have been able to entice some new and talented sailors onto Das Boot. (You know who you are!) I have never had someone new aboard without learning something new about sailing! And at times we have been able to blend in some veteran Das Boot sailors who have gotten off their current boats to lend us a hand when we needed it. (And you know who you are!) So, for all those reasons, 2012 has been a GR8 year for Das Boot.

We have to arrange a party sometime, somewhere. And there will be a Fleet Trophy night sometime in January. (Don't have the date, because Light-Wind Specialist has not had her coffee yet.) Our next race will be around Valentine's Day, Mid-February.

In the meantime, in response to several inquiries, here are some photos illustrating our past enjoyment of time on the water together.(Just click on this private album.) If we don't get to see you before Christmas & the New Year, Best Wishes!

 ~DH & TW

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