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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Spent on the Hard

Today's race was a make-up race that I didn't intend to do. Because it was a make-up, it would have been more attractive with a more reasonable course. (If careful readers squint, they can see my reduced fleet on the horizon.) But crew was distracted into night-time boat parades and such and I didn't care enough to recruit replacements. Far more responsible to do some honey-doos. Far better to relieve Ballou's cabin fever. She's been restricted indefinitely from off-leash running and fetching because of her sprained knee.

(Careful readers please note leash in photos?)


  1. Last night they put Christmas trees' lights on thei boats. For Christ's sakes! And paraded around in the dark! What's up with that?

    1. You can do what you want to do with power boats, but it would offend a proper sailing yacht's dignity to bedeck it with lights that really belong on dead fir trees. Would I put pants, shirt and lipstick on Ballou? (That's not really a question.) That would be to fooking offensive for words.

    2. Does it fall to me to observe there is no leash on that dog? Contrary to doctor's orders?

  2. But you should have found crew. It was a fun race. Steady breeze, flat water. You were missed.

  3. I don't exactly want to die on my Laser, like Tillerman does. But my lapsing into becoming a spectator is troubling. For example, yesterday afternoon I found myself getting engrossed in NFL (pointy) football. That's not me. (Maybe it was just because the English Premier weekend was over.) I no long post on politics, in the red meat manner of previous years anyway. That's not me either. I find myself just reading headlines and not curious about the stories behind the leads. I don't know how I'm going to go out. But I'm not going out in Tillerman's style, if I don't commit to regularly getting out on the water.