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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sparhawk-36: The One Who Got Away

More than 20 years ago, when I was ignorant of keel boats, I was entranced with this Laser-36. I call it a Laser because of its un-stayed, carbon fiber masts. I had been a dinghy racer. I was a chicken of the seas, then, as well as too chicken to hoist myself up a mast to check shrouds. These carbon fiber poles were indestructible. That sold me on the boat.

At that time, I didn't know about Wyliecat-30's. I knew about Nonsuch's but they were too heavy and sluggish. We looked at Freedom's and liked what we saw. For myself, I guess I liked the price.

We bought the Sparhawk, owning it for about 40 hours after we had it surveyed. A major doubt developed during the survey. Trophy wife insisted that we turn it back to the broker before our "buyers' remorse time" expired.

Given that we turned right around and bought Das Boot, our beloved 'Laser-38', I have always been grateful and respectful of T.W.'s judgment in boats. (And in other areas, too!)

But I have always liked the lines of this 36-footer. To be fair, modern sails for this craft are cut with a great deal more generous roach than these puny triangles pictured. A Sparhawk-36, Andiamo II, is currently listed in the Bay area at a very attractive price.


  1. What decided you against the Sparhawk. What turned up in the survey?

    1. It is not important. The problem was probably resolved, if significant. The broker minimized the issue. Perhaps it was insignificant. After we tacked away from buying a Sparhawk, we did not track the future of the vessel 'that got away'. I will disclose that before we dialed in our new Das Boot, a Sparhawk sailed a horizon job on us in a race.