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Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Sunny Sunday Sail

Pursuit race in 17-21 knots. 25 boats in the event. We were shorthanded, missing Kite Boarder,  Rookie Trimmer and Mastman. Just the four of us. At least MD was aboard and drove for the 2nd leg and gave my right ankle a much-needed rest.

A white blob in the water visible under the boom and mainsheet blocks is a de-masted Harbor-20.
Elected to sail inside the kelp island, and maybe paid a little for it by snagging some grass around the prop. Also paid for my start which was at least 8 seconds late. Also paid for trying to cover a faster Hunter on the last windward beat; instead I should have tacked off to port and fetched the starboard pin.

Wind direction remaining stable, the least favored pin at the start should be the favored end at the finish. Right?

Lost my head, is what I did. Had to settle for 7th place.


  1. We were close when the H-20 rig came down. It came down slow, looking like a capsizing Laser. At the dock we could confirm that a corroded chainplate snapped.

  2. Being dismasted is not the kind of excitement one needs while sailing.

    Looks like you did well all things considered, Doc.

    1. Nothing to coplain about, Panda. I'll get a chance to redo that final leg.