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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Any Day Afloat Beats Any Day Aground

Very humid for our climate: drops of rain on my windshield as I drove home. Since there was no wind evident, I was hoping it would be unstable.

We actually started in 17 knots but it dropped to well under 10 before we could complete the weather leg. As, naturally, did Das Boot. At least the light winds were not accompanied by large seas. It was comfortable and relaxing sail. MD drove most of the race. 

When the C&C pulled Bob Marley out of the bag, we thought we had a chance. But Bob hurt us today. 
That crew has got that boat dialed in by now. 

Das Boot finished 12th out of 16 boats. That's her par for the wind with which she was presented today.


  1. In light winds you're supposed to learn PATIENCE, Doc.

    1. Yeah, patience is an old issue with me. I was impatient with LA Dodger management for not calling Yasiel Puig up for two months. Now that he's been up for one month, I'm impatient with management's treatment of him. They've corrupted him with their 'money ball' dogma. It's gotten so depressing, I can't stand watching games any more. I'm too impatient for Puig to out-smart that idiot, Mattingly. I'd actually prefer to sail around in circles with no wind!

    2. "A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else."
      - George Savile

  2. In light air, my team & boat are better off if I take my impatience off the helm and place it on the lee rail where I can put my beer muscle to good use.