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Sunday, July 14, 2013

"The Wind Is Right Around the Corner". . .!

Today's race was the annual McEachen Memorial race.
Wind was forecast for race time was at 13 knots and provided for hourly increases to 15 and 18 knots.

And, in my email, I received a wind advisory from the county office of emergency management warning of 

In fact, we were out there sailing a 6nm course for three hours and the wind only briefly came up to 7 knots.

I think we finished 15th out of 19 boats. There were two DNF's.

Other than character-building, the only high points were passing two boats in the last 500 yards to the finish line. When one of them had passed us 20 minutes earlier, the snarky helmsman had flashed us with the bye-bye hand wave.


  1. Breeze is up today. The problem is either with weather forecasting or the club calendar.

  2. You weren't sailing at a high enough altitude.

    1. No one has accused me of not having enough attitude. I'm working on it's reduction, Panda

  3. Replies
    1. Absolutely. Especially if I get your particular meaning, Melt!