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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Prefer Windsdays to Wednesdays!

19 knots steady. Hit by a gust of 24 just before start. Without Spinnaker Man (he had to WERK), we ruled out the spinnaker at the outset. Knew we could get 'er up, doubted that we could get 'er down.

Sans spinnaker, I ruled out winning. I announced day's goals: (A) Safety for all aboard and (B) finish the race. The latter we knew would be a huge improvement over the week before.

18 boats on the line. A perfect start close to the starboard end of the line.

Decided on not trying on driving up through the kelp island straits because of control issues: I assessed the crew was still not intuitively smooth enough on tacking with the traveler alone. After today's experience I am more confident and would elevate that appraisal. Das Boot, at full hoist, had a bone in her teeth. Rounded windward mark in 4th or 5th.
Without spinnaker, we were road kill for the Hunter in the photo above, which grabbed an inside overlap from us at the next mark. For the next two legs, we maintained our lead over the C&C.

I would not share the helm. Back-Up Driver told me later I drove like a 'banshee'. I felt I had been in The Zone. Rookie Trimmer received a 7th place glass. I had expected 5th or better, and told her to throw it back.


  1. With our fleet's dynamic rating algorhythm, there's no way to predict corrected times.

  2. You guys finished 6th. And you expected to correct into the top five? Well, you did much better than we did.