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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Wet Wednesday Race Spent in the Bar Drinking Beer!

Running out of excuses, we are!
This morning, we turned the boat around in the slip to ease an exit against the wind. Nevertheless, this afternoon with cross winds gusting between 20-30, we thought better of it. Trophy Wife gave voice to the contradiction in my own mind about turning the boat in the slip into launch mode:
If we've already exceeded the allotted throw-outs in this series, why bother venturing out in marginally destructive conditions?
All the crew showed up for duty, but nevertheless respected my decision. It took everyman jack of them just to tighten and reinforce docklines. 

In the Spring Series we have already dropped more DNS's than we have drop outs. In a 20+ fleet, that's an insurmountable deficit for winning the series. We will race for daily glasses (and enjoyment) for the remainder of the Spring Series, keeping our powder and rig dry for the next series.

In the meantime, I have to publish a shot of the winner of the Monty Race last Sunday. (Click to expand.)

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