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Friday, April 16, 2010


We did reasonably well for this year's Platform Grace Race, especially well considering we were short-handed. We finished 4th in elapsed time as well as corrected time out of 11 finishers. (We won it one year!)

It was the heaviest finish I can remember. Pretty wooly with large seas and twenty knots: the ugliest spinnaker dousing I've ever had a part in! Stuff happens when you're short a pair of hands.

It was also the warmest sail back. We actually could have sailed all the way. The downer for five other boats were engine failures and spinnakers threaded through props after the race.

Next week's race, The Full Monty, is another longer race up to Goleta Beach and back. But there's a big difference. Platform Grace was 17 nautical miles down and a 17-mile return trip. The Full Monty is 15.31 up and back. Once we're finished, we're done! Home! Much mo' better!

This week we'll be short crew again; more line-up changes with new role players, maybe.

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