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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Psyché's Song Finishes her 1st Wet Wednesday Race for 2010!

Here are the results yesterday! We were able to do reasonably well without Pat, Bhrian and the Spinnaker. Thanks to JJ coming off the bench on one night's notice!
Airtime is the boat we fought off most of the race, beginning with the approach to leeward mark. For the record, I want to make it clear, Airtime tacked off to Starboard and went out there where the wind was. Right? And they were followed by almost all of the other boats, right? And Psyché's Song, following her own counsel (and established local knowledge) went into the breakwater (as far as she dared and caught that lift! And she beat Airborne by 1 measly second! Landers, BTW, said he saw it the same way: Second Wind went all the way into the breakwater and when he caught the same lift, he had to bear off in order to fetch the starboard end of the finish line.

Also notable is California Girl, whom we lee-bowed on the 1st leg. We beat her by 6 minutes, elapsed. But she corrected out over us. So Al is vindicated, I guess: nothing is accomplished by tactics in handicapped racing. Well maybe not. But you gotta keep those skills, instincts and impulses sharp. IMHO.

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