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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Hellish Watching from Shore

While a fourth of your fleet gobbles up big points just for finishing....

Today, it was blowing so hard, I couldn't back out of my slip. (26 knots) If I had been able to, and if it hadn't been so frigging cold, I might have flown my minuscule jib long enough to record a start so I could come back to the bar with a DNF score. With 75% of the fleet not even suiting up, that would have been significant accomplishment. But I am an old man now, and I sail more now for enjoyment than for accomplishment. One year has changed a lot.

How old am I, (Baydog asks)? It all depends on the boat. Right? And the man, too! How does one know when one has reached a degree of age and infirmity that he begins to worry about the safety of others who might have to rescue him? It's laughable. My boat - I can't go sailing unless my crew takes me. I would and could downsize easily but Trophy Wife loves boat marginally less than me. That has to be a major concern.


  1. Hey Doc: Nobody's criticizing you for not going out 'cause of your age. I'm no longer interested in the number. Doesn't matter. No sense in breaking your boat for the satisfaction of getting a DNF. A DNS is often a better option (Did not sink).

    I used to climb on my roof with my leaf blower and clean the gutters out. I am, also, too friggin old to do such things anymore.

  2. "Did not sink!" That's good. (I can use that!) As far as roof & ladder are concerned, I haven't been up in a decade. (Wouldn't think of going!) But I would go up my mast tomorrow!