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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something is Fishy

This thread has been canceled.

Fishy14 is clearly behind Open Container III on the chart. Yet on the leaderboard Fishy14 is ranked #505 toOpenContainer's #564! What gives?


  1. You have friends?!?! I was only able to load friends in the convoluted way and now all but two of them have disappeared. You in ''Stealth Mode" Doc? Or maybe I should change my name to Billy No Mates

    My last position was 10,962 and a player which is 53 nm behind me is position 1,953.

    Paula (No going back)

  2. Maybe they brought in a Handicap system for the newbies. Or you forgot to send them a bottle of rum to bump you up on the stats.

  3. Paula, I don't know why I went on stealth mode. Maybe to hide my pitiful sailing. You'll understand my embarrassment, as soon as I reappear.

  4. Smilicus, there are just too many 'maybes' to unravel with this Many Players game company. Maybe they have had to many Cuban Libres already to be interested in an offer of additional bottles.

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  6. If you don't want comments, why don't you just delete this thread?