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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More One-Design Racing

One of my best friends and ex-crew took me out in his new boat this afternoon for a scrimmage with two other identical boats. They're going to have seven in fleet starts in a few weeks. They're excited about this and I share their enthusiasm: here, at last, is a one design fleet designed for seniors. 

I would love to obtain regular access to one of these. Just to think of going sailing on a morning or afternoon breeze without having to hook up with two or four others: just me and my Trophy Wife and Dawg. After two weeks of sailing two out of three days, I'd be ready to race!


  1. That dark blob in the center of your photo: what's wrong with your camera?

  2. You sailed in a catboat? Awesome.

  3. Sailing two out of three days would be nice...

  4. Maybe a bad idea? Dawg's walks may get cut back?