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Monday, April 23, 2012


Woke up with a dream: Three E-33's were swinging into town on Race Wednesday as part of a Pacific Coast promotional tour. The dream tasked me with figgering out how to get myself switched/traded off Das Boot with an E-skipper so I could race an E. I recognized immediately that I would have to get Trophy Wife to come with me, too, to experience it. Without her aboard, even a E-33 would be a dog not in the hunt. But, how to do it without alienating my crew? Didn't worry about Das Boot being disqualified without me aboard. To sweeten the deal for the E-Skipper, my dream even transformed Das Boot into an I-14. This morning when my bladder woke me up, the scenario morphed into a day dream. Until Doberwoman struck me in my sightless eyes as if to say,
"Wake up and smell the coffee."
To get even, I made her stand out in the rain until she 'did her business'.


  1. How many cupholders are there on an E-33?

    1. Skip, there should be one cupholder reserved for every ex-Laser sailor I know. After all, it is my dreamboat, right. But you can't bring your tiller or mainsheet aboard with you.

    2. Make that a $250,000 dream boat.