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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Never Over Until It's Over

Chelsea (in white) is down 2-1 to world class Barcelona. To go forward (over Chelsea) in the Champions League Cup Finals, Barco had to win by two goals. Because of a red card, Chelsea had been playing a man short for the last 53 minutes of regulation time. Chelsea circled their wagons and only attained 18% or so possession. Barco players fit themselves like a glove around Chelsea's goal, firing shot after shot. A couple hit the cross bars. In the last minute, Chelsea fullback Ashley Cole lofted a clearing ball toward the midfield line, which seemed momentarily inconsequential. Until everyone noticed substitute striker Fernando Torres was lurking there. un-marked.
The rest is history. Barcelona goes home. Chelsea goes forward to the finals.


  1. If the game had ended 2-1 Barcelona, Chelsea would have gone forward in the tournament, on 'away' goals. That's why Barcelona sent all their men forward, desperate to get a goal.

  2. In American football this is called a 'hail mary' pass!

  3. Was Mary an American football player? And why are they hailing her/ him?

  4. Goalgasm: was Sky Sports’ co-commentator Gary Neville’s unusual reaction to Fernando Torres’ tie-clinching goal at the death which caused the biggest stir on the internet and social media websites.

    The former Manchester United captain and England full-back began a long moaning sound when Torres picked up the ball on the halfway line which continued as he rounded Barca keeper Victor Valdes and reached a voice-cracking crescendo of “unbelievable” after the Spanish striker had slotted into the net...

  5. Even though it was fun to watch this dramatic finish, the result was not in the interest of my rotisserie team. The Cup takes away from me, through injury and exhaustion, two out of the three Chelsea stars I needed for this big weekend.