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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

There Goes the Neighborhood....

This is what greeted us before tonight's race. This 45-50 ft Panga had been seized a some undisclosed portion of the California coast, empty of its cargo and berthed on the end tie next to our beautiful, freshly painted hull. Coast Guard and Harbor Patrol have no taste. For sure. All I could tell people was that it was my new dinghy. Foot traffic in the neighborhood picked up dramatically. Also picked up by boarding look-a-loos were my boarding steps. All of the druggies came down to admire this military grade of transportation. Fishermen, too, wanted to admire those Yamaha-350's. Consensus was that the outboards were worth $100,000. Out of Trophy Wife's hearing, I offered the USCG a straight trade. I was turned down. 


  1. Here's a shot of where this Panga was beached.

  2. The only Panga I'll ever touch will be my grandmother's or my grandfather's.

  3. geez that's at least 80k worth of engines on the back of that thing, maybe as much as 100k. boat looks homemade. somebody had something worth shipping in that thing and it wasn't people.