Liberty is being free from the things we don't like in order to be slaves of the things we do like.--Ernest Benn

Tuesday, June 15, 2010



  1. virtually certain death...
    Ah yes, as in the song we used to sing in summer camp...

    "Oh what a terrible way to die,
    to be talked to death, to be talked to death, to be talked to death!"

    That's about what Abby will face when she returns to "civilization" and the carnival of semi-informed press and public and all the second guessing of armchair experts.

    But, there are a few people with useful insights who Abby and her advisors might have profited heeding before she cast off docklines to head out from California. Had she and her team done so, she might have postponed the voyage and been out of contention for a quasi-record, but been better prepared at its onset.

  2. Guts? Without question. The likes of which I will never have. Now a gut, on the other hand....

  3. I should've entitled this post "Captions Please"!