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Friday, June 18, 2010

USA vs Slovenia

Time Out for the Real Game!



  1. USA wins 3-2! That's the way I saw it.

  2. Koman Coulibaly is the Malian football referee who blew the call. He was actually born on the 4th of July. Is that why he hates the USA? He can't get over his birthdate?

  3. Britain tied yesterday, too. The difference was their side was roundly booed by their own fans! USA fans are not like that!

  4. Even before the goal disallowance, a call that was every bit as illogical and unfounded occurred in the first half against America’s Robbie Findley. The yellow card handed out by Coulibaly prohibits Findley from playing against Algeria in the next crucial clash of the U.S.

    Findley was carded for a ball-handling violation. Replays showed that the ball went to hand, not the reverse, and should not have been penalized as it was not intentional.

  5. FIFA has blocked your You Tube.