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Monday, June 28, 2010

Roxie's On Board to Stay

Roxie the RockBox is the latest addition to our crew. MVP put her through her paces with the remote yesterday. It's clear that Mainsheet Trimmer, being a good old-school - if low-tech - sailor, detests her presence as a distraction to the skipper. Others are indifferent to her presence. As a crew diversion she definitely works for me. Roxie at least keeps her voice down when things get tight! It will take some time for us to understand how best to integrate her with our racing program.

In Sunday's pursuit race, we started 13th out of 20 competitors, and finished 1st. We started exactly five minutes behind the 2nd place finisher, beating her by two minutes. We passed her by establishing an inside overlap at the leeward mark by virtue of the fact that we were able to carry our spinnaker, longer and stronger, to within one length of the mark! Along with perfect execution by all members of the crew, the steady 14-16 knot breeze was a factor.

After the race, we conducted a short victory sail with Son-of-Foredeck at the wheel for a photo opportunity. In return for bringing us luck and wind, Dusty collected the day's glass!


  1. I'm with your mainsheet guy: don't think VMG matters much in round buoy racing.

  2. VMG & Heading as opposed VMG & Speed?