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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heavy Boat, Light Airs

In unbelievable flat seas and light air - I'm talking 2-4 knots - our Team turned in a very creditable result for a short, 1.77 nm, course. We didn't trophy, but we scored a 6th place in corrected and elapsed time. That's better than it sounds because that's 6th out of 26 starters!

Again, my tactic was to turn the motor off at minus 5 minutes to start time, coast to a creditable - not perfect - start on the windward end, and then park the crew on the leeward rail. I didn't expect much out of the day's efforts so I, early-on, swapped the helm off for the Rock Box's remote. Gave up on Roxie shortly thereafter in order to sit on the boom. Our windward position, patience, unique spinnaker, and attentive sail trim permitted us pass lighter and longer craft.

I think small-ish spinnakers work well for air flow in light airs. How else could we have out-drifted a J-46? Only sleds and multi-hulls finished before us. Except there was that one pesky Ranger-33 sailed by a bunch of old coots older and smarter than me. Why are they always there, taking the water and glass to which we are entitled?

Nevertheless, maybe it was enough to be able to look back and remember that 21 of the boats we saw behind us were in our class!


  1. Time to get back into one-design racing?

  2. I'm ready to down-size into a one-design which will accommodate my ancient physique, but I can't afford to sell my current ride in today's market. Failing that, it would be reckless to take on the responsibility of campaigning two boats. I would like to 'go out' the way I came in, but time is running out.