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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Team USA! Bring Us Together


  1. Just about to start the extra 30 minutes. GO USA

  2. I feel like crying. Good Goddamn try guys!!!! I need a really tall drink

  3. Condolences all around, Amerikanskis!

  4. I'm glad there was no shoot out to resolve a tie.

    I my view a shoot-out is an abominable way to break a tie in fútbol. Better to have 30 minutes of sudden-death overtime. Then there would be one un-timed period of terminal play in which one player is removed every time the ball goes out of touch. Eventually, very shortly, I believe, a result would emerge. In the meantime, you would be treated to some spectacular displays of passing. That would be a greater spectacle than putting the goalie in a shooting gallery, and truer to the sport.

    I've never been able to get much approval for this solution, especially among fans who have made a study of The Great Game.

  5. Let me be the first to approve! You're obviously more passionate than I am about soccer, but lately I've been lovin it. Good idea!

  6. Baydog, Don't encourage me and get me started!

    Another tactic I would instigate for Team America would be on their uniforms: I would have shirts made from the thinnest material such that they shred when they are grabbed. By the time they fall off, the crowds would be screaming at the referees to start penalizing the use of hands. Come to think of it, maybe that's not enough. Perhaps our shorts should be made of similar material. Players should be equipped with plenty of back up sets.

    Like I said, don't encourage me....