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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sighted: a 44-Foot Laser!

The Wyliecat-44!

My sons took this shot yesterday, from an undisclosed location! (Click to expand!)

The whole (known) world knows I'm a big fan of the Wyliecat-30!

But this 44-foot edition is veeeery interesting! It might be a blue-sky bucket boat: it might have to be sea-trialed in the event I win the lotto.

Add a power winch for the main halyard, and I could single-hand it? Actually, for me to single handing it might require a power winch on the mainsheet! On second thought as a bucket boat for me? Maybe not so much! Smaller is better! But she's a looker. Does it look like the helsman's legs are crossed? Pretty casual, if you ask me! Obviously not too much of a load for a tiller.

Here's another look:


  1. Doc, beautiful boat. But I still don't get the dining/feeding thing from a couple months back......perplexed

  2. Doc, you got a handful of quality comments on Wyliecat 30, on the strength of this post, I suspect. Those are owners & sailors, too!

  3. Yeah. Owners and sailors of boats are reliable spokesmen.