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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Summer Sunday

We had an above average Sunday race, despite the fact that Trophy Wife was on the injured list, that the Hard Core was on the family duty list, and the anemometer seemed stuck on 9.99 knots or below (which for the Good Guys means our boat will circumnavigate the same boring four-legged course in the middle of the fleet).

What happened instead was the replacement crew person looked more promising today than on Wednesday, we executed a very creditable spinnaker set, and the breeze kicked up to 15kts. So we ended up decidedly in the hop half of the fleet.

But the really, really high point of the day was that hundreds of miles away, Son #4 and Daughter-in-Law #4 raced their first race ever together -- and trophied! They raced a course twice as long as ours, in winds appreciably larger and in a boat almost half the length of ours. All credit goes to Daughter-in-Law, who put her bod on the line.

The hook is in, hopefully, and son will follow his father and grand father in the financially ruinous tradition of serial yacht owner.

The weekend began with concern about transitions and concluded with a renewed trust in regeneration.

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