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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo 2010

This picture from yesterday's beer-can twilight is deceptive. These are troublesome conditions for me. The breeze was an easterly at about 5 knots. At least it was steady. But the chop was large and substantial from the west. The problem is always to control the boom, especially down wind. Sometimes, I have resorted to strapping the friggin' mainsail amidships and let the spinnaker do the work. (Let the waves ooch the rocking boat, Laser-style.)

Rigging the preventer is always on my shoulders. If anyone gets hurt on my boat, it will be in little or no wind and in a chop.

Out of 27 boats we finished 12th on elapsed time and corrected to 13th.


  1. Just the fact that you're sailing is good enough for me. Luckeeeeeeeeee. Next Friday, 5/14, we splash down, and then it's bliss 'til the end of October. Can't wait, frankly. Contentment resumes. When the boat's in the water, there's always an escape from anything worth escaping.

  2. Hopefully, next Friday will be a big sailing date for me, too! A first! But either way, Baydog, I'll be toasting my Corona to ya'!

  3. (Can't stand this red print. This inflexible template will have to be 86-ed. It's intolerable that I can't have print in different colors from my banner masthead.)

  4. This color is an improvement!

  5. Yes, but! The template is still unnecessarily inflexible. I need some time to rebuild it from scratch. Until I do that, I'm reluctant to add some gadgets that I'll just have to sacrifice in the rebuild.