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Monday, May 3, 2010

Clipper Round the World Race Resumes

Race 8 of the Clipper Race Around the World started April 20th.

And simultaneously 80,000 plus Virtual Racers started their yachts on their computers in their homes and offices around the world (mostly in France)!

This leg goes from San Francisco to the Panama Canal.

Twice daily I will attempt to track a handful of virtual racers, real friends and virtual acquaintances from former races. The real racers? Not so much....!

The real Clipper Race (left) is contrasted with the virtual race (right) with 80,000 plus competition. Vigilance's goal is always to finish 999th or better. She has a long way to go! (See below and click to enlarge)


  1. Yeah, I wouldn't be betting a beer on Vigilance's cracking the first 1,000, if I were you!

  2. Roger that, DBC! And Vigilance's wheel will go unattended all day while I go out of town, trying to meet up with my son for a quick sail on his Harbor-20!

  3. Hi Vig, Yup I'm keeping an eye on you and, like me, you are moving in the right direction. Not sure if we are gaining places with tactical manoeuvers or because other skippers are dropping off with boredom. It's sooooo sloooooow. I bought the extra sails and apart from the light spinnaker the rest are still unused in the wrappers. But, I will not give up! Now in 596th position and only logging on about once a day. I'm having loadsa fun with the Tiger x races sailing speedy JV's. DBC, I bet you that beer that Vig will make sub 1K !?!?! NGB

  4. Paula, it's real good to hear from you. Your skill set has tremendously improved since we two used to battle it out in VORG days. In your shadow, I'm not sure I can live up to your expectations. This Sunday is going to be hellish: will I have to miss church?

    And I agree with you: the polars on these Clippers make for some (relatively) sluggish performances.

  5. Hi Doc, never got the hang or polars, still don't know what they mean but I'm doing ok without them. Absolutely no need to go to Church on Sunday to talk to God, he's also out there on the water...


  6. Paula, in other words, if Doc ain't in church on Sunday morning, he damned well be on the (real) water? Because if he's just on this fake lake, racing his computerized boat at his desk, he's just doin' the devil's work? Is that what you're saying?

  7. Don't kill him, he's only the messenger (or piano player).

  8. In yacht racing, as in life, things are not (happily) as bad as they first appear or could be. Look at this, for example!

  9. Hey Guys,

    When Virtual Sailing is more that just a game...
    I put this together earlier this year. It will just take a couple of minutes to read.

  10. Hi Doc,
    Great to see you made it safely to Panama just a little outside your target position. My best bit of luck was not being able to log on one night and turn my Clipper in the right direction. In this case 'Going Back' was the best option!

    "... Focus on the Journey
    Not the Destination!!
    Joy is not found in finishing a trip
    But in Doing it."