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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

At the last moment the New Orleans Kid and Bhri joined us to bring the Psyché's Song team up to competitive strength, sans MVP. It was rumored to be blowing too hard at the islands for NOK's ride to sail in the faux race back. And Bhri's boat lost her crew for other reasons, I guess. Turned out to be a light, Harbor-20 day.

More importantly, the RC selected course D-11. I don't know why my favorite course tends to be selected only on light wind days. It can't be because it lends itself to being shortened. It doesn't. But what winds blew were more southerly than westerly. Maybe assessment of wind direction was a factor.

We tried port tack as long as plausible. We were able to carry up past the last swim buoy. But pinching past the beach we dropped to two knots and had to tack short of the lay line. We rounded the windward mark ahead of only Macavity. (Were they trying out 'new' crew? Again??)

Thanks to M-1, we had a GR8 party onboard afterwards!

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