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Saturday, May 22, 2010

For Sail or for Sale?

That is the Question!

Several months ago I listed my boat as for sale on a freebie brokerage site without charge. The listing consisted of a brief description, a photo in full racing mode, a price and my contacting code. The only immediate response was from Trophy Wife who was enraged. 10 days later came an inquiry fom New Mexico. Because my boat is more of an island boat that a lake boat, I think my unreflective response was somewhat tinged with scepticism and sarcasm. Understandably, The New Mexico party did not stay engaged.

Then, yesterday came a second inquiry: was my boat still available and if so, could I supply more photos? This morning I responded that he should ask Trophy Wife; but that since he was asking me, I would send along a couple of photos. Which I did.

Back when I was playing tennis for three decades, I thought I would play it until I couldn't walk - that there was no life after tennis. And now, what with Trophy Wife and I having been sailing together for four decades, I cannot face life after sailing? 

That's a question.

I know of two - and recently a third case - where a sailor's life ended with his pitch-poling backwards over the rails into the sea, impelled by a medical event. Personally, I think that's as good a way to go as any. However, from the POV of his family/crew, his dying in bed with his topsiders removed might be preferable. The over-the-rail alternative requires other younger & healthier mates risking themselves in recovery of the MOB.

Another consideration is my current deferred maintenance on home and health. Perhaps life after boat could be enhanced, sans yacht. Maybe, just by down-sizing in the yacht department could open up the possibility of a upsizing in home, hearth and health.

OTOH, the breeze is up today. I hope yesterday's E-correspondent was just kicking boat bumpers. If he calls, I should just leave it up to Trophy Wife. Now days it's not such a good market, anyways.


  1. Doc: At this point, do you need a bigger house?
    Are you ailing? Hopefully you're okay. Let's not panic.

  2. Gee, I know a couple of somebodies in New Mexico who have recently been boat shopping. One of them just bought a Harbor 20.

    Oh, and it's OK if you cheat the nursing home; just wear a PFD so your remains are easier to find.

  3. Carol Anne, you're absolutely right on the H-20. I'm fortunate enough to get to race in one for one twilight race a month this year. It's worth four hours on the freeway! A Harbor-20 would be an affordable way for me to downsize. Although for where I live, I would have to upgrade it to an Ocean-20. Possibly. But it has to be a great choice for a lake racer: that electric motor loves to be in fresh water!

  4. Baydog, there is no reason for pity or panic. The reality is that I'm boat-rich and house-poor. I could be more in balance. That would suit me.

  5. Right now, I would love to be boat-rich and house-poor. I would rather ditch the house in Albuquerque (I hate it) if I possibly could. Problem is, I'm the only member of the family who's employed, and my job is in Albuquerque.

    Doc, if you can get me a job at the community college where you are, I'll gladly swap places with you.

  6. Not swapping, Carole Ann. I grew up in the land of ice and snow (Colorado), and I'm not going back even to die. As far as employment is concerned, I had a long, elaborate and colorful dream last night pertaining to getting laid-off. I might have referred to it as a nightmare, but I look at clouds from both sides now.

  7. Yeah, from the first time I went to Santa Barbara, I fantasized about teaching at SBCC -- what a view! And thanks for the song, too; it's one I've been humming a lot lately.