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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Losing It

A case in point:

This morning I staggered to the kitchen to punch on the coffee maker and then a few steps off to the bathroom. Dawg was waiting for me to take her down to the street to get the papers, so I avoided filling even half a cup of java. Trying to save time, I also paused to assemble a Netflix item to return via mail box. (If I could accomplish that, I would be 2-3 days ahead of the normal week's procrastination.) On the way down a set of ten flagstone stairs my head slashed through a spider web. I resolved to obliterate it wielding a newspaper on the way back up to the house. Which I did. 

I reached the front porch with the newspapers in hand but also with the Netflix envelope, too. Damn. Well, back down to the mail box. Back up and now inside the house, I realized I still had the Netflix. Whassup with that? Take it down later with the recycle cans, I resolved. 

90 minutes later, looking everywhere for the newspapers' sports pages and the Dodger box scores, I couldn't locate either paper.

WTF were they?


  1. Sounds like wake n bake to me?

  2. While I won't discount the possibility that you put the newspapers into the mailbox instead of the Netflix return, it is also possible that the papers went off to wherever the socks go in the laundry.

  3. Thx Carol Anne. Haven't had my 2nd cup yet, but I'll go down in a moment & look !