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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

4th Generation Is Aboard for a Race

Tonight's Twilight went w/o a hitch. Das Boot has to be maintained at boat-show quality, so no ice meant no beer. Everyone had to port on & off their own water & clothes. It was like taking out a charter.

Good winds 12-16. I was set on one objective: to produce a safe positive experience for the Twins who were aboard for their first race. Toward that end, I followed my theory that a safe start is a competitive start: position at the starboard end and win the water and wind Das Boot needs to get on her feet. I will say there was some screaming, but no expletives! Thx to crew, we had a perfect start, creditable weather leg. We rounded D-Mark in 5th, held that place for the remainder of the race, correcting out to a 4th out of 15 boats or so. I wanted A&E both to go up to receive the glass, but being teenagers, they worked it out so that only one twin showed up at the podium. A&E were into the race, asking questions, into helping out on board, and I was so pleased and so proud.

Now, all I got to do is to not to make too much of it!


  1. Looking like you have to keep Das Boot for the twins Doc

    1. Cheat the nursing home. Die on das boot.

    2. There are three kinds of people:
      Those who are alive,
      Those who are dead, and
      Those who are at sea.


  2. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as messing about with grandchildren.

  3. 4th Generation. Awesome. But all those Häagen-Dazs and no ice! Oh my.