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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DNF-ed & Skunked!

Seven knots from the east. Great start. Course down coast and down sizable swells. Trophy Wife helmed this great starboard leg! We had hoped that when we rounded the weather mark and spinnakered up against the rollers, the wind wouldn't desert us. But it did. Shit for wind. In the middle of the fleet, we had to call it a day: couldn't get separated from this @#$%^&-ing tub that kept drifting back on us. These rollers were going to smash hulls. Had to save my paint and the legs and arms of my crew. WTF! Why do I have a world-beating crew and the world's worse wind? Went home to a good, 1st class dinner. Watched my TIVOed Dodger game, which was another good one. Only problem was that during the 7th inning stretch, Doberwoman ran in the backdoor with her ass totally skunked. Actually, it was probably her face. When will she ever learn?

When will the rest of us ever learn?

Since Das Boot is featured in the lower right hand corner of this photo from the story in the local Press, I'll add comments of Red Flyer's skipper:
[Radio Flyer] opted to take a route farthest from the shore and head directly east toward their first mark - it would become the only turning point of the race, as the course was shortened due to a lack of wind.
.....Unfortunately, the wind stopped cooperating altogether when a southerly breeze met up with winds coming in from the ocean that essentially negated each other. Radio Flyer [and the larger boats] faltered as smaller boats from other fleets began crowding the lanes.....
Then the wind went from light to nonexistent.... we got ourselves pinched in with a bunch of little boats and weren't able to switch gears rapidly .....
What I was sayin' .....


  1. That's what you get for trying to race a cruising boat.

    1. What I get for abusing a good island cruising boat by racing her around buoys. That's what you are saying. I accept my well-deserved punishment. At long last, I recognize the justice in my sentence. How long is my incarceration, did you say?

  2. A J-105 rescued three people during Wet Wednesday last night. When approaching E mark they thought they heard someone calling for help and got out the binocs and were able to spot 3 people in the water. Apparently they had fallen off of jet skis in the seas and had been in the water for about an hour. the Jay took down their chute, radioed the Harbor Patrol, motored to the victims & helped them on board. Gave them jackets as they were suffering from hyperthermia. Harbor Patrol showed up promptly. Jet skis were retrieved later.....

  3. Maybe summer hours should be reversed: race in the morning; work in the afternoons?

  4. Forget work, just sail whilst you can.
    You never know when it's going to be too late.