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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The World

The World, a floating condominium with 165 luxury homes, has stopped by and dropped anchor in time for its residents to watch our world famous twilight racing tonight.

This ship of condos visiting this week is not a cruise ship. Every home on board the 650-foot-long vessel is owned by a permanent resident. This is largest privately owned residential yacht on Earth. The average age is 64, with 35 percent under the age of 50, according to the company's website. The ship is a complete floating condominium building, equipped with high-end facilities and amenities "that create an intimate, refined atmosphere for resident owners," who also are required to have a home elsewhere, as the ship is not meant to be a floating tax haven.

Since it first sailed in 2002, The World has visited more than 800 ports in 140 countries. It circles the globe every two to three years.

According to ResidenSea, the management firm that runs the affairs of The World,
The residents are participating in a lifestyle ... Residents are very active, entrepreneurial and philanthropic, and they have a thirst for knowledge, adventure and travel.
Well as much as I thirst for knowledge, adventure and travel, not one ounce of me is entrepreneurially gifted or philanthropically enabled. So, The World is really marketed to the 1%. However, it's a creative idea for those who can afford it: different seascape almost everyday! What could beat that?

As for myself, Das Boot did not sail tonight. Brokers have spiffed her up so much, I couldn't have enjoyed it. Some suitor is going to look her over tomorrow. I want this girl, not quite too old to be my granddaughter, to clean up good and look her very best. I want her to see more of the world than I can show her.


  1. Well, for all of the moullah you might put into one of those condos-on-the-water, you could buy a handful of very interesting keel boats and continue to play with your friends!

    1. Good point. With just a smidgeon more in my treasury, I would not be going after an up-scale condo. I'd be test-sailing my short, short list of candidates for my NEXT boat.

  2. Looking at the expanded map, I cannot but wonder why in the world The World avoids the Phillipines, China, Japan and Korea. It can't be pirates. Is it the weather?